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Use Android apps on your PC with Leapdroid

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  • ba nguyen

    by ba nguyen

    So awesome! I tried many android emulator (BS3,nox,memu,koplayer...) but I very like leapdroid, its so fast and smoot...   More

  • Sabrina Laila

    by Sabrina Laila

    for windows 10 please, because this emulator just compatible for windows 8, windows 8.1, and windows 10.   More

  • Som Thao

    by Som Thao

    Installation problem.
    Same thing for me. I keep getting, "Cannot create VM". And there's liter...   More

  • ŴaĤyÚ GF

    by ŴaĤyÚ GF

    According to My Emulator It's Alright Good And Fast But Why If WI-FI Is On Turn Then On Turn Back WI-FI ...   More

  • Saša Ahlin

    by Saša Ahlin

    fast & easy.
    fast & easy. I love that It's possible to use several clones..   More

  • Chris Woodard

    by Chris Woodard

    Cant use or downlaod.
    Would not install, drivers not digitally signed and windows 10 would not allow installatio...   More

  • Fas1s DaSs

    by Fas1s DaSs

    I love this emulator.
    One of the best gaming emulator I ever used! It works smooth and doesn't lag too much. Fin...   More

  • John Thomlinson

    by John Thomlinson

    Couldn't get it to install.
    Windows 10 would not let it install because the driver is not digitally signed.
    ...   More